Power Beach Resort - Koh Phangan, Suratthani, Thailand

Relax in the beachfront restaurant, sit back to watch the latest movies or live sports events, enjoy a beer at the bar while playing on our free pool table and fitness. Everyone is welcome at Power Resort.

Koh Phangan is a unique and very special Island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is sheltered from heavy weather and maintains one of the best climates in the region. The Full Moon Party has bought the Island global notoriety and it's a fantastic place to party, but Koh Phangan also has many other sides to amaze its visitors.

The Island's cultural tradition gose back over 6 years when the first monks setled here, building temples at sites that remain today. The jungle interior is still untouched in many areas and there's a magnificent variety of wildlife to see including the giant monitor lizards in Than Sadet National Park. Or at Koh Ma's National Marine Park there's turtles, shoals of tropical fish and a vibrant live reef teeming with mesmerising coral gardens.

The region is fairly mountainous away from the coast, and there are a number of mountain trails and walks to follow; and with the large concentration of beaches in the East, it is possible to beach hop up and down the coastline.

Had Rin Nok is a popular spot and well known for the vibrant night life-dotted with bars and clubs open most nights till late, and then once a month the entire stretch is lit up with fireworks as people come to enjoy the spectacular Full Moon Party.

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